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Love will drive your perseverance,Psychological construction is very important because not every student can persist in studying hard after several exams are crushed.Ask those who don't understand after class,The teacher goes to the office when he is in the office,Or leave the question to the teacher,Anyway, I must ask the teacher if it can't solve it.

Facing problems: such as Shandong's problem allocation,Simple test definition and basic calculations,Techniques and methods of mid-range testing,The logic is detailed and accurate.Remember to remember the simplest algorithm.But my classmate asks you your concept is probably very weak.

Also need to accumulate multiple solutions,When you understand the principles of these solutions,The question is very clear,If you have more than n such problems, You will kill it boldly.


The last is to integrate the level. You can take out a blank paper,Then quietly write down all the important and difficult points.If you have any objections in class, Please lift them out loud!The teacher must be informed of various solutions!Don't be afraid of shame!What we need is more discussion!

Keywords: comments, Error correction book, Fifty-three analog

Because you don't understand the true meaning of the sequence.then, You must read more error correction books

Error correction problem,Remember all the mistakes in your mind,Then remember the things that are prone to error,There are not many things to remember every day.

When your classmates ask you questions, They must be very good at helping them.You know that this question requires this way of thinking. Based on the experience around you,The college entrance examination is prone to errors.

Twelve o'clock will not hurt the body,A cup of coffee the next day is basically no problem,Will not cause too much damage to the stomach.Understand the problem thoroughly,Dismembered like this, Most problems have become a combination of numbers and shapes,Stacking of classification discussions and parameter separation.Improve efficiency,Sleeping too late will affect your life the next day. Psychological level

The person with this problem is definitely not a god with an IQ of 160.I am often grumpy,To help people check the steps.One is the problem sea level,One is the level of thinking derivation.

At first glance, A question has no clue,One situation is that it uses a very conceptual span,You must consider the flexibility of the definition,at this time, Here comes the combination of numbers and shapes,Inequality and circle are integrated,You better draw a picture,To see the range represented by the inequality.Great God gets full marks from his diet. Eat, Sleep,Jealousy is jealous,But please ask carefully.Maybe all the love of high school is dedicated to mathematics.

First of all,You must make up your mind,starting from tomorrow,I will become a person who loves mathematics!

When you have nothing to do,Just study the college entrance examination essay.Although the final exam is all new questions,Very alive but after doing too much, 当我看到一个新问题时,我会感到平静。

我还发现了一些快速算法,公式,例如, 有很多不太常用的圆锥截面一旦您了解了自己的总结,不要太酷,不能使用,超级节省时间。只是看问题并探索背景,不要惊慌


我的错误纠正和注释相结合,高中最后三年是三本密密麻麻的彩色书籍,必须总结一下总结问题类型和想法,然后,您必须将自己的想法写在一边,为什么我当时错了。哲学说,一切都是联系在一起的,这既体现在数学上,它也反映在当今的跨学科中。 这是思维导图的测试。为什么,由于您无法转换主题条件,您无法深刻理解一些基本概念,也不可能知道如何使用序列的含义来解决覆盖不等式的问题。


当您的分数变轻时,我是否已了解更多有关此问题的思考?如果根本不明显,则分数的初始增加会更容易。多读书不是一学期读书。例如, 一个问题有许多看似复杂的变量,然后,您必须减少干扰变量,交换方法的实质是减少变量,然后,您可以使用交换方法。


问题海必不可少,第一的, 整理工作和休息,因人而异,我大四时最晚可能是一点钟。




老师会很好地记住新课,每当老师说我要教书时都想笑的时候,反正, 最后的教科书都丢了,但是,注释中的公式和定义未详述。比砸自己更有效。这是您应该以计划的方式在考试之前多次扫描错误更正本。您还可以总结自己的固定算法,例如, 当您看到此类问题时,请执行此操作,它更加精通并节省时间。如果您在进行此类图表时无法反映知识点,您在考试期间不记得了。如果身体不好,不要做两三分。


总结一下这个过程,不总结问题,反而, 总结很多问题,如分类,发现主题之间的差异,然后思考为什么会有这种差异,问题是不同的。首先, 遇到问题时您无法开始。但是同学说我经常用他们不理解的语言与老师交流。

例如向量我记忆中有相对死的知识点,您可以在脑海中回顾它的暗示和应用,例如, 基本向量方法约有十种。

我会每天安排时间表考试后写总结,反正, 大大小小的总结,安排审查材料的审查,长期是两个月,然后安排每天例如, 在寒假里做模拟滚动每天分配给两篇论文,即使您未完成当天的计划就去睡觉,您也会感到内。所以哲学和数学是密不可分的,当您真正了解为什么前辈发明了数字序列时,它真的成为您的一部分,成为你的武器和思想臂,让您在进行导数时考虑顺序,当然, 有许多问题类型在序列中使用导数。一种来源是您做了类似的问题,另一个是您知道这种思维方式可以逐步简化这个问题。


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